Dr. Jaison M. J.’s research focuses on developing advanced materials for energy storage and conversion applications, particularly in the field of electrochemistry. His specific interests include:

  • Engineering Novel Carbon based Materials for Batteries: Dr. Jaison investigates methods to modify various carbon-based materials, such as graphene and carbon nanotubes, for use as anodes in next-generation lithium-ion and lithium-sulfur batteries. These modified materials aim to improve battery performance in terms of capacity, durability, and overall efficiency.
  • Electrocatalysis: Dr. Jaison explores the use of electrochemically and chemically modified carbon materials for electrocatalytic applications. This research focuses on optimizing these materials for reactions like oxygen reduction and evolution (ORR and OER), which are crucial processes in clean energy technologies such as fuel cells and water splitting.
  • Composite Materials for Energy Devices: Dr. Jaison also investigates the development of composite materials by combining metal oxides or metal alloys with carbon materials. These composites are designed for enhanced performance in various energy storage and conversion devices, contributing to advancements in sustainable energy solutions.